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OVP’s deep and broad experience enables us to successfully tackle the nuances and subtleties of valuation work in a dispute environment. Whether the issue is the complexity of a start-up or emerging growth business, intellectual property with global reach, or a complex capital structure with numerous tiers of equity and debt holdings and unruly waterfall, our seasoned professionals offer the insight and skills to assist your needs.

Attorneys frequently call us to consult or provide direct expertise to support a wide range of financial and quantitative matters. Our experience gives us a broad perspective and the credibility needed in formulating opinions and advising counsel. We are familiar with the process and the terminology used in all phases of the dispute resolution process.

OVP provides support for your dispute, mediation or litigation, whether it arises from marital dissolution, shareholder dispute or business damages. Our team routinely engages in matters regarding real estate, personal property and financial valuation matters, such as going concern values, corporate equity values, solvency, intangible asset values and valuation methodology.

How We Help:

Our team advises on quantum and other accounting or financial issues in commercial disputes, including acting as expert witness in litigation and arbitration.

We have worked on cases in connection with:

  • Business Damages
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Partnership Dissolution & Buy-outs/Freeze-outs
  • Marital / Divorce Matters

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