Digital Cap Table Management

You’re spending too much time on your cap table

Making a mistake on your cap table is easier than you think. You can end up spending valuable time, resources, and expensive attorney fees keeping it in all in line. With CapGuru, simply provide your dedicated concierge access to your documents and our experienced experts will manage your cap table.

How it Works

You Upload

Send us your documents for secure digital storage. They will be tagged against individual events.

We Process

We will process your documents and enter them into your cap table.

You Consider

Log in to see your company's ownership by class or shareholder. Run scenarios to see how things might change.

We Value

Request a professional 409a or other valuation from Chronos Capital for an integrated service.

Cut your legal fees

Other online cap table solutions require substantial support, maintenance from your lawyers or other advisors which can easily quintuple your costs. We don’t – you get a fully managed concierge service. Your bank account will notice.

Focus on your business, we handle the rest

With all your securities in one place along with their documents, it’s easy to access, create and share the right information.

Powerful tools, fully managed.

Our platform offers a full suite of cap table tools and functions, individually action-tagged document management, modeling for rounds and exits. Issue options, easily see your cap table at any point in time, and share customizable views with stakeholders. And the best part is, we take care of all of it for you.

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