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Oxford Valuation Partners is a full-service, global financial advisory firm serving private companies and Investment funds that brings problem-solving excellence and a full array of tools to serve our clients. We act as thought-partners and thought-leaders, working closely with our clients and helping them understand the range of options available to them to solve their thorniest issues, at home and around the world. We are technology-forward, using our proprietary algorithms and systems to develop outsized efficiency and value to our clients.

Who We Are

We are a team of highly experienced and passionate professionals drawn from a wide range of financial and professional disciplines, which enables us to bring to our clients sharp and diverse perspectives to their business challenges. Our team combines expertise in law, finance, economics, strategy consulting, tax and litigation from North America, Europe and Asia.

What We Do

We provide valuation and financial advisory services to help our client optimize, defend and realize the value of their holdings. We specialize in private company and investment fund valuation ranging from fast-growth startup & investment funds to mature global companies. We assist clients in raising capital, buying/selling companies, issuing equity compensation, and heading towards IPO or sale.

How We Do it

We always start by Listening deeply to our clients and their business goals, ensuring that we have fully understood all aspects of their situation and what they want to achieve. This ensures we can serve as true Strategic Advisors and thought partners, leveraging our deep global expertise.


We have a strong Track Record of solving problems for clients all over the world in a diverse array of contexts. This enable us to quickly identify problems and potential solutions, and bring a dizzying array of tested modalities to bear to reliably and efficiently move things to the finish line


We are a Trusted Partner in the advisor eco-system and work collaboratively and closely with  investment funds, law firms, audit firms and advisors in pursuit of our clients goals. We are technology-forward, using our proprietary software and systems to develop outsized efficiency and value to our clients.


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Sanjay Gandhi

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